A Little bit of Something Nice

A Little bit of Something Nice

Meet Martina Ho-A-Lim, an aspiring Psychiatrist. She is currently at the University of Guyana pursuing a Diploma in psychology.

She can melt the coldest of hearts with her smile and even make the most experienced travelers lost in her eyes, you better be prepared to work hard if you want to grab her attention.

She loves to read a book or two in her spare time and goes for a swim every now and again, but she’s most fun after a few drinks when she picks up the microphone and messes up the lyrics to her favorite songs but you would be distracted by her voice to even notice.

She has a local career in acting on the small stage and has even featured on a fan made music video for the song “You” by the 1975. She sometimes seems to be overwhelmed when out of her comfort zone but then again who isn’t?

Not a model by choice but she can sure rock the camera, Confident and headstrong she can do anything she wants (even get us access to restricted areas), never taking no for an answer you’d better be prepared for a fight if you get on her bad side.

A lover of nature and all the beautiful things life has to offer Martina Ho-A-Lim is a little bit of something nice.

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